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LIFESTYLEWeight Loss In 8 Weeks: Amazing Diet Chart

Weight Loss In 8 Weeks: Amazing Diet Chart

weight loss
weight loss

weight loss

weightloss is something that the majority of the population today wants, and people often find it very difficult to lose weight especially if you don’t have a gym membership, so today in this article we will be sharing with you some really effective tips that will make your weight loss journey very easy, and we have also provided a weight loss diet plan at the end of this article.

don’t be afraid of dieting

There is always a fear in people’s minds regarding weight loss. They feel that this work will not be done by them. The biggest reason for this is that people want to lose weight immediately, that too without working hard, and when this is not possible, then they get frustrated and do not try the next time. It is not right to do so. (weight loss)

The first mantra to lose weight is to adopt such a weight loss plan which is practical and you enjoy it. If you set a small weight loss goal and achieve it, then your confidence increases, and you are excited about the next weight loss plan.

relationship between weight and calories

It is generally seen that many people consume only soup or salad to reduce obesity, but this method is not right. These methods cause harm instead of benefit. To lose weight, reducing calories in the diet is very important, but not like this. (weight loss)

Lose 1 kg in 10 days
A person needs to burn about 7800 calories to lose one kilo, but this cannot be done in a day. For this proper planning and following are required. Weight loss can be done easily with proper planning of diet and exercise.

weight loss
weight loss

How to do planning?

If you need 2200 calories in a day and you want to lose weight, then in this case you will have to take a diet of 1700 calories per day. Also do light exercises, such as walking, light dance, and aerobics. In this way, your walking will burn 5 calories in 1 minute and aerobics will burn 6-7 calories per minute. (weight loss)

In this way, if you walk for half an hour i.e. 30 minutes, then you will burn about 120 calories and aerobics will burn about 200 calories. In this way, 320 calories can be burned in an hour. We had already reduced 500 calories in food. In this way total of 500+300=800 calories, we can burn in a day. In this way, 8000 calories will be burnt in ten days, as a result of which one kilo of weight will be reduced. (weight loss)

reasons for weight gain

The reasons for weight gain are many, but if obesity is not controlled in time, then many health problems can occur. Therefore, first of all, it is important to know the causes of weight gain. (weight loss)


Modern lifestyle has given many amenities, but taking advantage of those facilities, people have forgotten to do physical labor. If you want to go even a little far, then you will go by car, will also use the lift to go to the first floor, will stick to the armchair in the AC room throughout the day… These comfortable habits of people have given them big diseases.
easy solution
Taking out time in the busy routine is very important to do physical exercise. Staying fit with the right diet and exercise is not a difficult task. Anyone can stay fit and healthy by making changes in their lifestyle.

weight loss
weight loss

junk food

Junk food has become so included in our life that without it we cannot even imagine any celebration and this addiction to junk food increases obesity. Not only adults, but children have also become addicted to junk food. In the eyes of elders, often children also start demanding junk food like pizza, burgers, cold drinks, etc.
easy solution
In today’s world avoiding junk food is impossible but one can learn how to eat them in moderation. Also, fix one or two days in a week or month for junk food and eat junk food only at that time.

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lack of time

In metropolitan cities, both husband and wife are employed, in such a situation, due to paucity of time, they give priority to ready-to-eat food. Lack of time has increased the demand for fast food and things that can be made in two minutes and these things lead to obesity.
easy solution
Healthy food can be prepared in less time like- soup, salad, oats, porridge, etc. Working couples can adopt a healthy diet by doing a little planning.

the stress

Yes, stress is also a major reason for weight gain. Often we eat more under stress and during times of stress, we feel like eating sweets, due to which obesity increases more.
easy solution
whenever you are feeling stressed and want instant relief then drink some water. Exercise together to become relaxed, such as taking deep breaths, adopting muscle relaxation techniques, or reading a joke book. (weight loss)

weight loss
weight loss

lack of sleep

Sleeping late at night and getting up early in the morning also increase obesity. By doing this, the food eaten at night is not digested. They can also be victims of Insomnia (Insomnia), Depression, etc.
easy solution
everyone should try to complete their work as soon as possible so they everyone can get enough time to sleep, and my enough I mean sleeping 7-8 hours every day.

foodie hobby

People who love to eat are often full-bodied because they have no control over what they eat. Then, later on, this hobby of eating makes them so heavy that they start having many health problems.
easy solution
It is a good thing to be fond of food, but it does not mean that when it came to life, we ate it. If you are a foodie and often overeat, then make up for your hobby by exercising. With this, your hobby will also remain and you will also remain fit. (weight loss)

weight loss
weight loss

What time to eat?

The first mantra of a healthy diet is to eat little food throughout the day. In this way, eat 5 times throughout the day. Also, see what time you are eating. (weight loss)


Include sprouted grains, cow’s milk, eggs, nuts, etc. in your morning breakfast. Idli, Dosa, Poha, etc. can also be taken. (weight loss)

Mid Meal

When there is little hunger between breakfast and lunch, seasonal fruits should be eaten at that time. They provide you with energy as well as vitamins and minerals, which also increase your immunity power. With regular consumption of fruits, you get all the nutrients in fewer calories and are helpful in reducing weight. (weight loss)


In this, include roti made from jowar, millet, nachni. Green vegetables and all types of pulses should also be included. Also, eat salad. Do not add ghee to roti to reduce calories. Add less ghee/oil tempering to vegetables and lentils also. Spices like turmeric, black pepper, asafoetida, etc. can be used to make food tasty. These spices also increase the body’s metabolism, which helps in reducing weight. (weight loss)

Evening snack

Coconut water, buttermilk, or curd can be taken at this time. You can also take roasted gram, brown bread sandwiches, fruit, etc. (weight loss)


By taking light food like soup, salad, khichdi, etc. at night, the weight is reduced. There should be a gap of about 3 hours between dinner and sleep. (weight loss)

weight loss
weight loss

healthy diet chart

2 glasses water + lemon juice / cinnamon powder / fenugreek powder

A glass of cow’s milk/buttermilk / any seasonal fruit – 1 serving

Lunch of the day:
Roti (Jowar / Bajra / Ragi) / Brown Rice
Green sabzi (cooked in 1/2 tbsp oil)
1 bowl dal/fish curry/chicken curry (cooked in tbsp oil)
1 bowl salad

Evening Snack:
Dry Bhel / Boiled Chana Chaat / Moong Chaat / Corn Chaat / Cheela / Steamed Muthia

Soup – Veg Clear / Mix Veg / Spinach-Tomato / Tomato Shorba / Coriander Soup
Khichdi – Dalia Khichdi / Moong Dal Rice Khichdi + Salad

Grilled Chicken/Fish (100g) + Stir Fry Exotic Vegetable

Nachni ki roti with thin lentils + sabzi and salad


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