What couple are looking for in a long-term relationship

Studies show that in long-term relationships people place the highest consideration on the kindness and compassion of the partners.

The study was conducted by Swansea University in the UK, involving 2,700 college students from around the world. 

According to a research report published in the Journal of Personality, physical attraction and financial aspects are important, but compassion is even more important.

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When students were asked to choose the qualities that their partner needed out of the eight qualities of physical attractiveness, good financial environment

compassion, sense of humor, loyalty, religious faith, creativity, and desire to have children, they gave priority to compassion.

The next consideration is physical attraction and financial environment. The mark was less than 10 percent for creativity and loyalty.

But many of the women in the western countries gave top priority to the desire of the partners to have children.

The study compared the dating interests of students in many countries in the East and West

including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the UK, Norway, and Australia. Thomas said.

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