Is it okay to do pregnancy test at night?

Is it okay to do a pregnancy test at night? Which time is right for a  pregnancy test , this question usually comes to everyone's mind a...

Is it okay to do a pregnancy test at night?

pregnancy test at night

Which time is right for a pregnancy test, this question usually comes to everyone's mind at some point or the other. This question also brings with it many types of anxiety. Whether you are waiting for pregnancy or not wanting to become pregnant, you will never want your result to be wrong. 

pregnancy test at night

Most of us depend on the home pregnancy testing kit and take the primary confirmation through that, only then do we go to the doctor and get the lab test done. Urine home pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate because they could also be affected by irregular menstrual cycles, low hormone levels, lifestyle factors, and other factors. 

Generally, people believe that the pregnancy test done in the morning gives the most accurate results and the test which comes at night can also be wrong. Here in this article, we will know how much truth is there in this matter.

Can I do a pregnancy test at night?

It is not wrong to take a pregnancy test at night, but doing it at this time will only bring negative results, there is no evidence about it. This is because a home pregnancy test gives results according to the level of human chorionic gonadotropin present in your urine. 

This hormone is produced by the placenta, and by the tenth day after ovulation, the amount of hCG reaches a level that can be easily detected with a home test kit. Due to the concentration of urine, it is recommended to do this test in the morning. 

Since you do not drink water at night and do not pass urine, the level of hCG in the urine is more relief and it becomes easier to detect whether you are pregnant or not. If your urine is dilated at night and the level of hCG remains low, then it may not be accurate.

pregnancy test

What to do to test at night?

Home test kits usually give accurate results but still, there are chances of negative pregnancy. If you are trying to get pregnant or you have pregnancy symptoms and your test kit shows a negative result, then you should do another test in the morning or after a few days. Many things can affect your results, such as testing ahead of time can lead to negative results.

The right time to take a pregnancy test

The right time to take a pregnancy test is when your period is too late. Some test kits give results 4 or 5 days before the period. But to get accurate results and to avoid wrong results, it is better that you do the test only after missing the period. If your menstrual cycle is irregular, wait 35-40 days before testing. To get accurate results, it is better to test with a home test kit in the morning instead of at night.

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