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Question related to health care – Does eating rock salt reduce blood pressure?

No. Rock salt also contains sodium chloride like common salt. The only difference between the two is that rock salt is not made by drying sea water, but it has stone slabs and rocks from which it is dug out. These rocks and rocks are found naturally in certain geographical areas.(Health Care Tips)

Is it a problem to drink a bottle or can of cold drinks by mouth?

Yes. When bottles and cans are stored in warehouses, there is a constant risk of bottle-cans becoming contaminated with disease-causing microorganisms. On applying such a contaminated bottle-can by mouth, along with cold drinks, harmful microorganisms also reach the body. These microorganisms also include deadly bacteria such as Leptospira.(Health Care Tips)

Is raw milk better for health than boiled milk? (Health Care Tips)

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No. Many such bacteria can be present in raw milk. Those who reach the intestines can cause disease. Intestinal TB is also included in these diseases. On boiling, all the bacteria present in the milk die and the nutritional properties of the milk are also not reduced.(Health Care Tips)

Where should eggs be kept in the fridge? (Health Care Tips)

Do not keep them in the egg tray built into the door of the refrigerator. The temperature is highest in this part of the fridge. Therefore, keep them in the cool upper part of the refrigerator, so that no germs can grow inside them.(Health Care Tips)

Is the new taste not pleasing to the tongue for the rest of the life by reducing the amount of salt in the food?


Absolutely not! If this diet is maintained continuously, then in eight-nine weeks the tongue becomes accustomed to the taste of less salt and the food starts to taste delicious again, you just have to be patient for few days.(Health Care Tips)

Does taking vitamin capsules increase body strength?

Not at all! Unless there is a deficiency of a particular vitamin in the body, taking vitamin capsules is not only unnecessary but also wrong. The truth is that if the amount of some vitamins like A, D, E and K in the body is excessive, then it can prove to be harmful.(Health Care Tips)

Why do some people get a headache after eating Chinese food? (Health Care Tips)

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Monosodium glutamate (MSG) sauce is often added to Chinese food. In many patients, this same MSG proves to be a pain reliever for migraine. When it reaches the body, there is a sudden dilation in the arteries of the brain. As a result, there is pressure on the nerves running along them and the severe pain of migraine arises in the head.(Health Care Tips)

Question related to health care - Is fasting good for health?

No, fasting should be avoided if you have epilepsy, migraine, gout or diabetes. Biochemical changes in the body caused by fasting can trigger epilepsy and migraine attacks, increased uric acid can worsen gout, and blood sugar balance can be disturbed in diabetes.(Health Care Tips)

Kissing again and again to get the urge to eat ice cream. A symptom of something?


If this urge arises again and again, then hemoglobin test should be done in the blood. It is possible that it is related to the lack of iron element in the body. If the iron deficiency is confirmed on examination, then take iron capsules and protein-rich food with the advice of a doctor so that hemoglobin can increase.(Health Care Tips)

Question related to health care – Is it healthy for everyone to do water-action after getting up in the morning?

It is true that the yogic action of drinking one and a half-two liters of lukewarm water as soon as you wake up in the morning is an easy way to get rid of constipation. But if there is glaucoma in the eyes, in heart failure or if the prostate of a man is enlarged, then it is not good to do hydrotherapy. In glaucoma, there can be a sudden increase in pressure on the eyes, in heart failure there can be increased water in the body, and in case of increased mucus, there can be reverse pressure on the kidneys.(Health Care Tips)

Does eating sweets cause diabetes? (Health Care Tips)

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Eating too much sugar does not cause diabetes. Nor is it necessary that those who have diabetes stop sugar completely. Balanced whole grain, protein, green vegetables, fruits and low fat food should be taken.(Health Care Tips)

Is using vegetable ghee good for health?

Absolutely not! Vanaspati ghee is made from hydrogenation of vegetable oil. Due to this the oil becomes solid and takes the form of ghee. In this process, trans fatty acids are formed which have a bad effect on health. The use of vegetable ghee increases the harmful LDL cholesterol in the blood. The accumulation of fat inside the arteries has a bad effect on the heart.(Health Care Tips)

Which oil is best for cooking? (Health Care Tips)

It is better to use several oils alternately instead of one oil. Make some things in sunflower or curry oil, some in groundnut or mustard oil, and some in pure ghee. This will help to keep the proportion of many fatty acids in the body balanced and the harmful components of cholesterol will not increase.(Health Care Tips)

What measures should be taken to overcome alcohol hangover?

Take complete rest. Lie on the bed. Drink plenty of water, soda, fruit juices and vegetable or lentil broth so that the total amount of water in the body can return to normal. Avoid cola drinks, tea, coffee and alcohol. Take 1-2 tablets of paracetamol to get relief from headache.(Health Care Tips)

Question related to health care – What are the nutritious elements in milk?

Milk is an excellent source of protein. It also provides vitamins and minerals and also contains sugars and fats. It replenishes vitamins A, C, D, and B and calcium and phosphorus in the body. Simply, it lacks iron.(Health Care Tips)

Is it true that not everyone digests milk?

Yes, about 50 percent of people of Asian descent do not have the necessary enzymes in their intestines to digest milk sugar. This enzyme living in the digestive surface of the small intestine is lactase. If it is lacking, then many problems arise by eating or drinking milk and other dairy products. Stomach starts to hurt, gas starts to form, stomach becomes bloated, restlessness starts and diarrhea may also occur.(Health Care Tips)

Question related to health care – If milk is not digested then how can this deficiency be filled?

In case of this disorder, instead of normal milk, soybean milk can be taken. Even taking normal curd does not cause any problem. Both these things are good sources of protein, vitamins and minerals. Pulses, cereals, fish, meat and poultry also have the ability to meet the protein requirement of the body.(Health Care Tips)

Question related to health care – How is cholesterol useful for the body? (Health Care Tips)

It is true that the often misunderstood cholesterol is useful for the body in many ways. The cell membrane of every cell that makes up the body cannot be formed without it. Nerves are insulated from the myelin sheath made of cholesterol. Cholesterol is also necessary for the production of sex hormones and cortisol hormones in men and women. It is also an important component of the digestive bile (bile juice) produced in the liver.(Health Care Tips)

Health care related question – what is the healthy limit of cholesterol in blood test?

It is good if the total level of cholesterol in the blood is 180 mg/dl or less. Then as it grows, it becomes harmful. Increases from 200 mg/dL to 250 mg/dL, the risk of heart disease doubles.(Health Care Tips) Try hard to lose weight. Eat a low-calorie diet and focus on exercise. Ban alcohol. Quit the habit of taking snacks like namkeen, samosa, matthi in tea-breakfast. If you feel like eating something at any time of the day, then emphasize on fruits, raw vegetables and salads. Within six months, an improvement in triglyceride levels will be visible.

In which food items calcium is found? (Health Care Tips)

Milk, curd, chhena, paneer and butter are the best sources of calcium. Half a liter of milk contains 600 mg of calcium. Certain fruits such as custards and apricots, nuts such as dates and raisins, vegetables such as turnips and green mustard, drinking water and cereals are also important sources of calcium for vegetarians. But eggs, fish, chicken legs and goat bones are also good natural sources of calcium if there is no abstinence from non-vegetarian food.

(Health Care Tips)- Vitamin-A is found in which food?

Yellow vegetables such as cilantro and carrots, green vegetables such as bathua, spinach, amaranth and radish leaves, coriander, certain fruits such as papaya, mango and plum, vegetable oil, milk, butter, ghee or eggs and liver of marine fishes Vitamin A. major natural sources.

(Health Care Tips)– Which foods contain iodine? What does it do in the body?

Drinking water, vegetables, iodized salt and sea fish are the best natural sources of iodine. The thyroid gland uses iodine to makes thyroid hormone. Deficiency in Iodine may lead to goiter.

(Health Care Tips)– What things should be eaten for the supply of iron?

Green leafy vegetables, pulses, cereals, some spices like cumin, carom seeds and coriander, jaggery, meat and eggs are rich in iron. Due to their consumption, the reserves of iron element in the body remain safe, but if hemoglobin is reduced, then iron capsules can be taken for a few months with the advice of a doctor.

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