Exercise during pregnancy: What kind of exercise is right to do?

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exercise during pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy

Do not do this during pregnancy, do not do that, many such instructions are given by elders. There is also an instruction in them that to keep yourself comfortable, don't move too much! But this was said because earlier women have to perform many tasks and they forget to take a rest. But now that a pregnant woman takes full care of herself, it has become necessary to have a regular exercise routine. This is because keeping a pregnant woman healthy has a positive effect on both the mother and the child.

exercise during pregnancy

According to experts, being physically active during pregnancy does not cause back pain and fatigue. Women who have a normal pregnancy are advised to exercise for at least 30 minutes. This is the reason that now more and more pregnant women are making fitness their routine (Exercise during pregnancy). For pregnant women, swimming, brisk walking, stationary cycling, pranayama, lightweight training, kegel exercises, etc.

Exercise during pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy

The best practice of yoga during pregnancy is because it keeps our minds in balance. Try prenatal yoga if you have never done yoga before. After some modification, you should practice yoga regularly.

The squat is the best exercise to keep yourself healthy during pregnancy. But it should not be done too much. Strong legs are essential during labor and the final push helps in giving birth to the baby. This gives the baby more room to come down when you squat for labor. Squats are fine but you should avoid lunges and deep knee bends as this puts you at risk of injuring your joints.

Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor, the group of muscles that control the flow of urine and the vagina. Kegel exercises prevent urinary incontinence, which is a common problem during late pregnancy and postpartum.

Pregnant women have pain in the muscles of the legs, stretching is a great exercise to cure it. You can do this anywhere and anytime.

Jumping and running should be avoided during pregnancy as they can cause problems for the baby. You can exercise with light weights.

Benefits of Exercise during pregnancy

Benefits of Exercise during pregnancy

Exercise prevents gestational diabetes, which is making pregnant women a victim these days. This allows your brain to release endorphins, which are happy chemicals. They improve your mood by relieving stress and pressure. Abs sets are the best to avoid back pain. Those exercises that do not directly affect the abdomen, also relieve back pain and pressure.

An active body also keeps the bowel right. Pregnant women who exercise, take less time in labor. The fitter you are during pregnancy, the sooner you will recover after the baby is born. Usually, during pregnancy, we do not get enough sleep, but exercising helps in getting good sleep and feeling relaxed. Exercise also improves energy levels.

Benefits of exercise for baby

Benefits of exercise for baby

As much as exercise is good for you, it is also good for the baby. Babies also feel good during sound and vibration while in the womb. For pregnant women who exercise, the weight of their children is also correct. Research suggests that babies whose mothers keep exercising during pregnancy are born with more intelligent, stable heart rates and active brain function than other babies.

These precautions are important while Exercise during pregnancy

exercise during pregnancy

Before starting exercise during pregnancy, it is important that you talk to your doctor. This way you will help yourself and your baby. Your doctor may advise you to exercise if you have a history of pregnancy miscarriage, pre-mature labor or if you have bleeding, spotting, heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, anemia, etc. in the second or third trimester.

Keep these important things in mind while Exercise during pregnancy

exercise during pregnancy

It is important to keep yourself well hydrated. It is important to drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercise.

If you feel uncomfortable, do not stretch at all.

Start your exercises slowly and then gradually increase your workouts.

It is important to keep taking breaks during exercise.

It is right to wear loose and comfortable clothes at a time.

Finish your meal at least one hour before exercise.

Do not do high-impact exercises like jumping, hopping, bouncing, skiing at all.

While exercising, keep in mind that the temperature where you are exercising is not hot and humid.

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