After Shein & PUBG, TikTok could return to India as TickTock {LATEST UPDATE}

  TikTok comeback: TikTok could return to India as TickTock. According to the source, the Short video platform TikTok can once again make a...


TikTok comeback: TikTok could return to India as TickTock. According to the source, the Short video platform TikTok can once again make a comeback in India. Actually TikTok's parent company ByteDance has changed the spelling and applied for re-registration under the name Tick Tock. Tik Tok has also tried to assure the government in its application that it will strictly follow the rules and orders of the government.

Tick-Tock (Tik-Tok) update now

>Tic Tok's parent company Byte Dance has applied for a new trademark in the Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks. Knowledgeable people are seeing the application of the new trademark by linking it to the relaunching of TikTok. However, it is not entirely clear what the company's approach is going to be. But just like PUBG re-entered India with a changed look, Tik Tok can also take the same path. Although the government was already taking a very tough stand while banning TikTok. It will also be interesting to see what stand the government now takes regarding the application of ByteDance. The company has also promised on its part that they are also ready to fully comply with the new IT laws in India.

How big was Tik Tok's market share in India

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Let us tell you that the short video platform Tik Tok had made a stronghold in India on seeing it. Its users had increased in every corner of the country. According to media reports, from where Tik Tok's 8.50 crores in 2018, increased to 17 crores during the ban in 2019. Its popularity increased so much in India that it took 40% of the total users of Tik Tok. But after increasing tension with China in the Galvan Valley, the Modi government's eyes fell on Chinese applications. Citing the internal security of the country, the government had banned 59 Chinese applications in June last year. Tik Tok

Other ventures got TikTok a market of 170 million users

When Tiktok (Tick-Tock) was suddenly banned from the Indian network, it disappeared from the Play Stores, which left about 170 million users quite disappointed. But later many short video applications attracted users. Facebook's Instagram got the most success in this. Instagram attracted many of its users by giving services like TikTok.

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Despite appointing nodal and grievance officers, there was a ban

In 2019 ByteDance appointed its Chief Nodal and Grievance Officer in India. This is one of the key requirements of the IT regulations for 'critical' social media intermediates, which have more than 5 million users in the country. However, despite being the nodal and grievance officer, ByteDance-owned TikTok faced a nationwide ban last year for endangering the country's "sovereignty and integrity" amid border tensions with China. Months after the ban, ByteDance reportedly held discussions with Reliance Industries to invest in TikTok to revive its business in the country. However, that discussion did not help bring about any change. 

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Many platforms took advantage of the Tiktok ban

At the time of its ban, TikTok had around 200 million users in the country. Those users were attracted by platforms including Instagram and YouTube through their integrated offerings Reels and Shorts, respectively. Its ban on-demand for short-form video apps amid the national lockdown and some Indian TikTok alternatives also emerged in the market to take advantage of the cash.

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PUBG is back in Battleground Mobile India

Earlier this month, PUBG Mobile, which was a part of last year's serial Chinese app ban, returned to India as Battlegrounds Mobile India. China's e-commerce platform Xin, which was banned last year, is also trying to make its way back to the country through Amazon's Prime Day sale next week. 

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